Friday, 3 July 2015

My mad Science!

Glenbrae science week trem2 week 10 2015

science Week, Tuesday. 2015

 Last week, Glenbrae school had science week. On Wednesday Room 7 went to Room 10. The first thing we did was get into groups. In the groups we got ¼ of an apple and pick which drink liquid would keep the apple from going rotten. The options were vinegar, L & P, and sprite. Our group chose vinegar because we might of used it the real ingredient was vinegar because we tried it and when we lifted it it did it turn brown. and the next step was making and you can chose  l & p, vinegar,sprite, and all group chosen sprite and the leader was Trent and then Mrs Tofa used to mix the flour and Salesi rolled it and when he finished Mrs Card and Mrs Tofa cut it and then we put it on the tray and then Mrs Card baked it and she went dawn to the staff room and she stayed there and after morning tea it was done and we taste it and it was nice and me Loto had the biggest croissant then the others.

I felt happy because we get to  eat our croissant in room 10.   

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