Monday, 19 October 2015


My Holidays
In the holiday I went to Rainbow’s End. First we had to  buy our tickets at the front desk to get the tickets. Then my family and I went and ate hot chips. After that we went and played. First I went to a boat race, the aim of the game is to bump the boats together and the ride is called bumper boats.       
We went to the last ride before leaving, it looked very fun and the ride is called go karts. Before we went on the ride, we had to wait in a very long line. At last it was my turn to go on the go karts. I was coming 1st in the race  until another kart beat me so I came 2nd. Then we headed home.

I had a blast and want to go to Rainbows End again the next holidays.


  1. I'm glad that you had a blast at Rainbow's end Simeon. The go karts are such great fun - well done coming second!
    Mrs Parker

  2. Hi Simeon,Sounds like Rainbow's End was fun and exciting.Great work on this writing about it but maybe next time add pictures of the rides you went on.Great work too.


  3. Hi Simeon I love your recount and i also love Rainbows end this is a very detailed recount :)

  4. Hi Simeon
    From what you have written it sounds lie you had a great time! I have always wanted to go to Rainbow's End. Maybe you could add some more descriptive words other than that it was great.
    Bye, Jessica