Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Science CLass

In science class, Iv'e learnt a lot, Our first thing we got told is the Safety rules. 
  • Put your bag under the table 
  • Listen carefully for instructions
  • Don't run in the lab
  • Don't play in the lab 
  • Don't eat or drink in the lab 
  • Don't touch anything 
  • if you say it you pay 
  • Use the gear that's given to you
  • respect yourself
  • Don't talk during work time  
Next things day I learnt about Branches of science one of them are 'Chemistry - Study of chemicals, Biology - Study of living things, Astronomy - study of space and space things, Geography - Study of volcanoes, zoology - Study of animals, Botany - Study of plants. 

A few weeks later we were learning to use a Bunsen Burner, First step - Attach the rubber to the gas tap, then close the Air hole, Light the match, Bring it to the top of the burner, Turn the gas tap, Open the air hole when ready to head something. 

Chemicals safety 

Rule : 
Never mix chemicals, Never taste chemicals, Never smell chemicals, First aid, Flush eyes immediately with plenty of water for 20 minuets. 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Cooking class w/ Mrs tuipolotu

Sausages with cheese and Chips

Step one - Slice the sausages in half.

Step two - Top up wit cheese and tomatoes.

Step three - Bake for 10mins

Step four - Serve with tomato sauce.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Cooking with Mrs Tuipolotu

Today room 7 students are cooking pasta.

  1. Boil the pasta with 2 cups of cold water until it's soft.
  2. Drain under cold water using colander.
  3. Fry the mince with onion, when it cooked.
  4. Add sauce
  5. Combine with pasta sauce and top, up with cheese.
If you follow all these steps you will got Mince Pasta.

By Simeon

Friday, 2 November 2018

Cooking with Mrs Tuipolotu

Today the Friday 2nd of November Some students from room 7 went to technology in Tamaki college and we in the cooking teach. 

step 1- peel the potatoes and bake until it's cooked.

step 2- mash it up and lay it out into the baking tin

step 3- mix tuna fish with half of can mash rum cream and 1/2 can of mushroom cream and 1/2 c of mayonnaise

step 4- mix well top on potato with cheese and bake for 10 mins 

Friday, 28 September 2018

Cooking at Technology

In technology glenbrae school year 8 students had to cook quiches

Step - 1 - In one bowl put in 4 eggs
Step - 2 - Whisk 4 eggs
Step - 3 - Cheese
Step - 4 - Dice Ham
Step - 5 - Half a cup of milk
Step - 6 - Mix Well
Step - 7 - Scoop into muffin tray
Step - 8 - Pastry

Cooking Class with Mrs Tiupolotu

On Friday 21 September, We had to cook Sweet Chilli Chicken.

Step - 1 Boil your chicken for 15 mins.

Step - 2 Lay it out on baking 

Step - 3 Top up with salt, White pepper mix herbs, Chilli sauce and bake for 20 mins 

Monday, 17 September 2018


Today's lesson in Kiwican we had to learn about this word called 'Perseverance Room 7 didn't know this word till we went in Kiwican. So 'Perseverance means achieving our goals. 
  Image result for Kiwi can