Thursday, 5 July 2018

Poem about God and Life

Life and God
Be grateful that you're living
Don’t be angry
Life is not a lie
God made us
He came from the sky
He will watch and look after you till we die
But no one can stop your life but you
If you succeed you will be pleased
You will be in heaven    
Because god's number is (SEVEN).
He will forgive you if you’ve been doing the bad things.
God treats everyone the same
No need to blame
Because I know no one wants to be a shame
Life is good
Life is not a lie.
Let's say thanks to our father who made us.
God bless.

By Simeon
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  1. Hi Simeon

    Great work Simeon I like your poem. It really means something


  2. Hi Simeon,

    I love the effort you have put into your poem. Great Jib!

    Keep it up!